XRX Retail – Beta

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XRX Retail – Beta

We are proud to launch our new XRX-Retail product collection into the Beta-testing phase:

Services include:

  • Employee awards and disciplinaries logging via any Android and iOS
    • Voice notes
    • Videos
    • Photos
    • General Notes
    • Star system to indicate the severity of the discipline or award
  • Monitoring and alerts of equipment inside the store
    • The temperature of freezers, cold-rooms, underbars as well as chips/fish/chicken fryers
    • Power Usage per device or per store
    • Google my business ratings
    • Computers and servers inside the store in order to get alerts when systems are down, hard drives are becoming full and performance monitoring to ensure one only upgrade that what is needed.
    • People counting using beams and vision systems
    • “Stock on the shelf is low”, warnings our vision systems
    • Beautiful dashboards to get a quick overview of the state of a store or even a chain of stores
  • Employee tracking using smart wearable devices
    • Heatmap of employee location in the store
    • Timed rules to ensure hourly/weekly/monthly business processes are met
    • No movement detection of employees
  • Links to various unions, employer organizations as well as bargaining councils to ease the employee count reporting etc…
  • Many other features to be added through our continuous development and relationships with our clients.

For more info on how this can change how you run your business send us an email to info@xrx.co.za

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