Employee Tracking and Monitoring – Alpha Testing

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Employee Tracking and Monitoring – Alpha Testing

Our employee tracking solution aims to monitor employees as they move around your business. The hardware acts as a wireless / automatic check-in tag and the software has logic to alert/monitor certain business processes.

Examples of uses:

  • Monitor current location of your employees.
    • eg. Delivery / Security / Transportation company: Monitor if your employee is inside the vehicle or not
    • eg. Mining: Monitor where the employees are in the mine or even in certain vehicles om the mine.
  • To ensure employees are at their designated stations at least more than xx% of their time or even less than a certain time at a certain location.
    • eg. Restaurant: Cashier must be for 80% of his/her time behind the till
    • eg. Fuel Station: The petrol attendant needs to spend more than 80% of his time near the fuel pumps
  • To ensure hourly/weekly/etc check-ins at certain locations.
    • Security guards: Have the security staff automatic check into certain locations on their patrol route
    • Cleaning / Maintenance: Ensure that cleaning/maintenance staff maintain/clean certain areas or devices.
  • To ensure that staff does not exit / enter a certain area

Hardware Specs:

  • Wearables last 6 months / 1 Year on battery depending on settings on the device.
    • Waterproof version available
    • Accelerometer option available to add movement detection to the device.
      • Sleep detection
      • Fall detection
      • Panic button
  • Checkpoint Versions:
    • USB/Serial output
      • Transmission Distance: USB / Serial cable length
      • Simply plug into a computer/gateway
    • WiFi output
      • Transmission distance: 100m (Or WiFi range)
      • Simply connect to your existing WiFi network (or even multiple wifi networks at different sites)
    • 868mhz Low Power Mesh Network
      • Transmission distance: 10km (Or mesh network range)
      • Max 1000 nodes per network.
      • Connect using our Low Power Mesh Nodes and Mesh Gateway

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