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Our interns @ MTN IoT Awards

Smart Retail BotAs written by Mzwakhe Besho

Have you ever been stranded inside a grocery store? unable to find the right aisle to pick the product on your grocery list. Smart Retail Bot is an AI Bot that will guide customers to specific aisle according to their grocery list. In this era of information age, robotic systems could be assistants to humans. How does SRB assist in a grocery store?

Woolworths Food is the food market retailers that focus on giving customers the best service and high graded food. Woolworths is the first to:
To offer employee benefits: Keen to attract and retain the best retail professionals, Woolworths was among the first local retailers to offer employees a pension fund, medical aid, and maternity leave.
– To in advancing tech.
– To introduce sell-by dates.

First and far most, SRB is the concept I came about. Woolworths is the target market yet the system benefits both customers and retailers.

SRB uses two main logics i.e. Customer Guide System and Price Scanner System. It will be mounted on the grocery trolley.

Customer Guide System:
– The customer will have to type the grocery list into the Bot touch screen.
– The SRB will then category the grocery list into the appropriate food aisle then the Bot will print out the receipt with the code.
– After getting the code, the customer will insert the code in SRB on the trolley then move around and SRB will guide the customer with the help of a map.
– Through its talkback system, the Bot will tell you the appropriate shelve according to your grocery list.

Price Scanner System:
– The system already exists, yet inefficient to customers. The system is barely known and mostly 2 hardware systems per grocery store.
– SRB will be integrated with the Price Scanner System, to make it efficient for a customer to use any time. SRB will be mobile, so customers who want to use the Price Scanner System will not be stranded to look for the barcode scanner to know the price of the product.
– As the customer scans the product, the price of the product will be printed on the screen.

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