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This disruptive software solution aims to allow sensors and external factors to start or report on certain business processes and tasks. This is done by combining powerful concepts of Enterprise Resource Planning and IoT to automate and monitor businesses, big and small.

Eye.O.T already helps companies in the food/retail, manufacturing, legal, medical and transportation industry and it scales to your needs — from anything as simple as temperature monitoring to a full-blown paperless business management system, EYE.O.T keeps an eye on things so you do not have to!

Modules and Features

  • A powerful legal register tailored to your industry
  • Incident reporting
  • Non-Conformance and Risk modules (ISO9001, 14001, 45001)
  • HR, Procurement and Asset management
  • Document Creator (Policies, Training, Processes etc)
  • Visual Diagram and Flow builder
  • Electronic Checklists
  • Patients and Medical Records for practitioners
  • Job cards, scheduled maintenance
  • Consumables/stock management, and repeating tasks
  • Reminders
  • Planner, meetings, lead generation, customer experience monitoring
  • Customer management
  • Office365 Integration
  • Devices, rules, and notifications
  • EYE.O.T Gateway for edge processing
  • Custom adapter functions to allow easy integration
  • Report renderer
  • Powerful dashboards and widgets
  • Multi-Tenant
  • Document Control – Powerfull Report Builder
  • DOCX Templates
  • Written in Python

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