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DR-X is our innovative medical practice program designed for efficiency. The program is cloud-based and requires no additional hardware, allowing access anywhere via a web browser. Smart AI assistants help generate reports, enhancing productivity. The program ensures patient data security and POPIA compliance. With features like a report builder, sick notes, prescriptions and referrals, it streamlines your workflow.

Experience improved patient care with our customizable and secure solution. Join us today to revolutionize your practice.



AdviceTech offers an industry leading, comprehensive Financial Planning and Advisory software package designed to suit the individualised needs of small, medium and large Category I and Category II registered Financial Services Providers. 

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Assets And HR

Our HR and Assets module is designed to streamline your administrative processes.

The HR module manages staff clock-ins, contracts, and detailed employee records, ensuring efficient workforce management. The Assets module provides a centralized place to store asset information, track expense logs, and set reminders for document expirations.

These reminders can also be linked to specific staff members, ensuring you never miss an important renewal. Simplify your HR and asset management with our comprehensive solution.


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